Greetings for the establishment of Home Page
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Greetings for the establishment of Home Page

During the best season of cherry blossom, it suits the occasion for the first anniversary of Seishi Nakamoto's death. We are very happy to be able to establish the Home Page.

While he was alive, he had the foresight to see that the age of IT will come and change the world, and he hoped many people all over the world would see his life work.
This dream of his didn't come true in his life. But this time his dream was realized with the cooperation of the young people who have the practical abilities.

In the future. We would like to make more public his works, of course, and many other works which are on exhibit at this museum.
It is also our hope that many art appreciators worldwide will access this Home Page.

We, the museum staff will do our utmost to make the Home Page successful.
We would appreciate your support in this effort.

April. 1st. 2001

Seishi Nakamoto Museum Director

Teruko Ouchi
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